Quality of life and sarcopenia in the elderly





sarcopenia, quality of life, elderly, functional category


Introduction: The older adult has functional capacity if they can perform their tasks, even with the use of supports such as canes or walkers; His health is conditioned by his life history, presence of sarcopenia or not, chronic diseases, economic resources, opportunity to access the health system and timely medical assistance that allows him a dignified life. Objective: To describe in a general way the relationship of the International Category of Functioning in older adults with sarcopenia and their quality of life. Methods: Google Scholar was used as a scientific information search engine; the keywords used were sarcopenia, longevity, quality of life and functional category. Research articles from databases: PubMed, SciElo and Hinari, which generally had less than 10 years of publication, in Spanish or English, with adequate methodology, were evaluated. Articles that did not agree with the objectives of the study were excluded. 89 references were reviewed with the Mendeley manager version v1.59.0, but only 44 were cited. Conclusions: Sarcopenia is a geriatric syndrome characterized by decreased mass, muscle strength and physical performance that affects the quality of life. Assessment of quality of life and functional staging are part of comprehensive geriatric care.


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