Hereditary multiple osteochondromatosis in children




radiological findings, cartilaginous tumors, osteochondroma


Introduction: Hereditary multiple osteochondromatosis is a rare entity characterized by the growth of bony masses called osteochondromas, which constitute the most frequent benign cartilaginous tumors in children, accounting for 10%-15% of all bone tumors. Objective: To present a clinical case with a presumptive diagnosis of hereditary multiple osteochondromatosis. Case presentation: We report the case of a 12-year-old male patient who presented with slight pain in the right knee, more accentuated while walking. On physical examination, a painless enlargement of the right knee towards the external aspect was noticed. On palpation, a hard, firm mass was palpable. Similar tumors were also found at the level of the left knee, both wrists and ankles. X-rays of both knees, ankles and wrists were taken, showing bone lesions in the metaphysis, predominantly in long bones, demonstrating cortical and medullary continuity, pointing to a benign lesion. Surgical excision of the tumors located at the distal end of the ulna and the distal end of the left tibia and fibula was performed and the biopsy confirmed the diagnosis. Conclusions: The knowledge of the spectrum of radiological findings of this lesion is essential for the multidisciplinary team, especially to make the differential diagnosis (osteochondroma vs chondrosarcoma) and to implement the proper management.


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